Let Our Company in Orlando, FL Takes Care of Your Garage Door Motor Replacement

As any other mechanical tool, a garage door motor doesn't last forever. They move up and down heavy doors more than once a day, every day for over many years until they wear out. When this happens, it is more than necessary to have a garage door motor replacement. Luckily for you, at Quality Garage Door Repair, we have a talented team to help you out!

We serve homeowners in Orlando, FL, providing professional, high-quality, and honest work. Don't hesitate to reach out to us whenever you need our assistance with garage door motor prices.

When Do I Need to Get a Garage Door Motor Replacement?

Learn More About Your Garage Motor

When your garage door's motor reaches its useful life, you will notice some key signs that it requires a replacement, such as:

  • Opens slowly
  • Makes loud sounds of creaks and groans
  • Gets stuck or reverses when opening
  • Stops working intermittently or entirely
  • In worse cases, it won't open or close at all
If your garage door motor needs replacement, make sure a professional gets it done right away. We can assist you with smart motors, removing an existing motor, installing a new one, and programming wall buttons and remotes!